Why Talk About Shame?

Shame is sort of a bad word. It’s negative. After all, if we feel shame, then we must have done something wrong. Right?

Um … not necessarily.

Sure, shame in its basic form can be an indication of our ill behavior, but not always. Sometimes our peers, our society, even our own perceptions cause our shameful feelings to explode like a confetti popper. And not only when we’ve done something wrong. All the time. And this is not cool.

Maybe our self-image plummets when we watch those silly commercials on television. Maybe we envy the seemingly perfect ideals we see on our friends’ Facebook pages. Maybe our past mistakes haunt us, or we struggle with mood swings, or our financial situation is suffocating. There’s ALWAYS something to cause strife.

Whatever the source of our shame, be it justified or unjustified, we need to drag it out into the open and talk about it, figure out the cause, and remedy the bad feels. Once we acknowledge our insecurity, low self-esteem, depression, stress, or whatever else is wearing us down, we have the potential to grow into a healthier version of ourselves.

Let’s do it together.