Who is Shanty?

Shanty Espinosa is not a real person. She’s a figment of my daydreams, but she has become one of my favorite people ever ever. She’s a happily married mother of four whose blended Asian & African American heritage gives her a naturally striking appearance. But her weight problem causes her to feel shame despite her beauty.

Together, Shanty and I blog, not only to raise awareness of body shaming, but to encourage women to acknowledge their feelings of shame (whether justified or unjustified) and grow into a healthier version of themselves. Even though Shanty was born in my imagination, I’m not her. Or maybe I am. Maybe you are too.

Because Shanty Espinosa is me. She’s you. She’s every woman who’s ever felt unnecessary shame, insecurity, low self-esteem, depression, or stress. The list goes on … but Shanty is here, giving us a place to talk about it all.

– Varina Denman, author of Looking Glass Lies, where Shanty came to life.