fearless 365Labels.

We read ‘em, we use ‘em, we stick ‘em on people.

Labels are useful for identification, and they aren’t always a bad thing, even when it comes to people. For instance, in about 40 labels, I can tell you a huge amount about my life up until this point. See if you can follow my life story simply by reading these labels:

Born. Sister. Extrovert. Straight A Student. Teenager. Singer. Actor. Leader. College Student. Waiter. Overachiever. Choreographer. Martial Artist. Graduate.Touring Actor. Liberal. Waiter again. Commercial Actress. Girlfriend again. Seattleite. Vegan. Liberal. Tree Hugger. Lonely. Christian. Wife. Playwright. Television Producer. Director. Conservative. Pastor. Mother. Ghostwriter. Anti-Trafficking Activist. Novelist. Screenwriter. Teacher. Blogger.

As you read this list, you can tell I am fully committed to living a diversified life. *LOL* Gotta say, it’s kind of bizarre to see them all stacked up in a line like that.

Look how much was revealed about me, using only labels.

But wait…stop for a second. How much did you really learn about me? Sure, you found out about my journey, and some of the what I’ve achieved, but can you say you really know ME? This list is way more about my “DO” than my “WHO.” And for most of us, we like it that way.

We don’t want to talk about our “Who” because if we were brutally honest, we’d have to face a whole different set of labels we’ve chosen to believe. Labels like: Ugly. Fat. Not Enough. Stupid. Awkward. Failure. Unworthy. Unsuccessful. Abused. Depressed. Weak. Fearful. Unloved. Unaccepted. Rejected.

We’d rather stay focused on the labels of our “Do” that we’ve so craftily pasted over those negative “Who” labels. It’s much easier to feel good about ourselves when our achievements and busy-ness are allowed to overshadow our deep-seated feelings of insecurity, rejection, and pain…until our head hits the pillow at night. Or we hit a slower, more contemplative season in life. Or a crisis in life mercilessly rips those “Do” labels off, along with a precious layer of emotional skin. And then all those negative labels come shouting with a vengeance.

It’s time to remove those labels ourselves! Both the achievement “Do” labels, as well as the negative “Who” labels. You and I must dare to step out and believe the truth about who we really are. We were not wonderfully designed by the Creator of the Universe and so radically loved by this Father in Heaven so that we would walk with our heads hanging low, believing we are anything less than daughters of the Most High God.

In fact, ANY label that makes you feel small, not enough, weak, or unloved is not founded in Truth. God’s thoughts and plans for you are good and filled with hope for a prosperous future…in every single area of your life. Sure there are facts that we might be able to argue, but God’s Truth squashes like a bug any fact that dares try to stand against it.

What labels are stuck on you? What labels do you believe? What labels are propelling you forward in your God-sized destiny, and what labels are caging you in to a life of mediocrity? Are you holding on so tightly to certain labels that even if God Himself visited you with new and improved truths, you would argue their validity?

Today, I triple-dog dare you to step out of your comfort zone to pull off any label you’ve allowed to become stuck to your heart. Sure, sometimes those pesky stickers take a while to scrape off, but it’s worth the time it takes to remove every bit of that nasty adhesive. Be fearless to replace those lies with these labels: Extravagantly Loved by God. Valuable. Beautiful. Strong. Wise. Abundantly Able. Child of God. Empowered by Christ. Winner. Filled with Peace. Powerful. Creative. Healed inside and out. FEARLESS!

Molly Venzke Fearless 365Molly Venzke is a speaker, screenwriter, blogger, and all-around word herder. She is passionate to teach and encourage others to relentlessly pursue their dreams and live their lives to the fullest. She is the author of the book and screenwriter of the movie, Caged No More, and also just recently launched The Fearless 365 Campaign, an invitation to any person who will dare to embrace life fearlessly every day. You can connect with Molly or the Fearless 365 Campaign at mollyvenzke.com


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