Fluctuating Self-esteem and My Peculiar Addiction to the Myers-Briggs Personality Test

By Bethany Turner

Have you ever taken a Myers-Briggs personality test? (If not, the one at 16personalities.com is my personal favorite.) So, you know the thing with these tests. You answer a lot of questions about yourself and your preferences and tendencies, and how you handle certain situations. And if you answer honestly (and that means you answer as the person you are and not the person you wish you were), the results can be somewhat eye opening.

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But What Will The Other Moms Think?

By Heather L.L. Fitzgerald
“Mamma, can I have that?” As you select a half dozen pairs of jeans and head for the dressing room, Toddler asks this innocent question, pointing to a stuffed tiger discarded in a bin of scarves like a stray cat.
“Not today, honey.” You steer Toddler forward and smile at the fitting room attendant.
“But I want the tiger!” Toddler stops walking and gives you her best mistreated face.
Newborn stirs in car seat.
You level your mom-gaze on Toddler and will your voice to be firm but positive. “You have a lion at home. Right now, Mommy really needs to try these on.”
Toddler stomps herself into the dressing room. You close the door, lock it too hard causing Newborn to jump reflexively. With deft movements, you tap the pacifier back into her mouth, set the car seat down, hang up the jeans, and proceed to peel off your stretchy yoga pants.
“It’s not fair.” Toddler has face planted against the mirror.

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Some Grace For You, But Not For Me?

By Jami Amerine
She looked pale.
Worse than pale.
She was clammy, sweaty and a greenish-translucent-walking-dead hue. I barked, “Good grief! For someone so smart you are so dumb!” I know, harsh. However, I was tired of arguing with her. Our 15-year-old prodigy daughter (no really, she’s a genius, we don’t know what happened) was deathly ill and arguing with me about how she had 4 tests she couldn’t miss and a dance performance at the football game that night.

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When I Fail at Friendship

By Beth Vogt

I believe a girl needs her girlfriends.

When my husband and I were novice newlyweds, we moved across country from Maryland to California, thousands of miles from family and friends. When your husband’s in the military, you go to the assigned duty station – no arguing.

One night, homesickness and loneliness overwhelmed me. I stood in our tiny kitchen, crying, and said, “I want a friend.”

My husband’s reply? “I’ll be your friend.”

“No—” I choked back a sob. “—I mean a girlfriend.”

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A Surprising Result of Gluten-Induced Fog Brain

By Shanty Espinosa
I think I have pre-Alzheimer’s. Or maybe just short-term memory loss like Dory the fish. Or (most likely) gluten-induced dietary fog brain. Or PMS. Whatever the culprit, in the past week, my life has taken on a sluggish quality, as though a white, puffy cloud is following me from room to room, coming between me and the keyboard, the dirty dishes, the Twitter. (Okay, so this might be a blessing). Anyway.

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The Party-Planning Trap (Nothing Less Than Pinterest Perfect)

By Kristen Terrette

Give me a nod if you fall into the party trap. You know, are you one of those women who prides themselves in throwing a gorgeously decorated, perfectly put-together party courtesy of (my favorite form of social media) Pinterest. I fall into the party trap every time. No matter the occasion, I will do my best to color-coordinate every single item even remotely dealing with the party, label all food items with catchy phrases, and clean the party location with a fine-tooth comb. All of this will be done on a mini-budget of course.

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To Forgive or Not To Forgive – How Can I Just LET IT GO??

by Lynne Tagawa
Recently a young man I know was rude to me. I doubt if he meant to be; he was occupied in something important and didn’t want to be distracted. Should I say something to him? As I pondered, I realized that it was really just thoughtlessness on his part. The main concern, I realized suddenly, was whether I would let it bother me.
Was I willing to forgive?

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When Becoming a Mom Isn’t as Easy as You Thought It Would Be

I had it all planned out. First comes love, then marriage, then, two years later, comes a baby in a baby carriage.
“I’m afraid you have cysts on your ovaries,” said the fertility doctor. “We’re going to give you hormones to see if we can help you get pregnant.”
Six months later, the shame of being unable to get pregnant weighed heavier and heavier on me as I attended yet another baby shower for one of my friends.

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